Textiles and Fabrics for Wedding Veils

Textiles and Fabrics for Wedding Veils

While Bridal Fashion Week comes to a close in New York and the wedding season starts all over the northern hemisphere, among the trends that caught our eye were veils and bridal capes made of veil materials. Veils are a very important accessory for bridal companies, and the complexity of designing a veil goes beyond beauty, while capes were a new entry which made for a very dramatic flair with a definite ‘wow factor’.

There are seven different types of materials for wedding veils, and every single one of them has an advantage depending on what the designer’s vision is. When purchasing wedding veil materials, there are four things to take into account: the material itself, the density, the length of the raw material and the width.


Chiffon is fluid and soft material, is the only material that is not translucent because of the highly twisted fibers that put it together, which means few layers would be needed when doing a veil. There are two types of Chiffon, the first, Polly Chiffon, is made from a polyester blend; while Silk Chiffon which is made 100% from silk. Regarding the feeling of the fabric, they come with a smooth and soft feeling, or with a more rigid but still smooth feeling depending on the chosen material. This material commonly comes in 45” at the widest


Organza is a semi-translucent material, made of nylon, synthetic polyester or silk fabric. Polyester gives a kind of deep light effect to the sight; silk, on the other hand, gives deeper tones. Organza as a material offers the possibility to work with any length and as many layers as needed. This material commonly comes in 60” at the widest

Point D´Espirit

Point D´Espirit offers two different patterns, as is made from different fabrics, this make it a very versatile material, it is possible to find it with a criss-cross pattern or a dotted pattern, is translucent, which offers the possibility of using as many layers as needed according to the vision of the veil designer. This material commonly comes in 45” at the widest

Silk Tulle

Silk tulle is an elegant and really soft material, unfortunately, is not easy to handle when making a veil, that’s why is not commonly used. It can be made from French silk, this silk is fragile and thin making it hard to manage; or from Italian silk or English silk which are the best option when you want a silk tulle veil, it’s a heavy material, which means it can handle carrying ornaments, like pearls for example. Also, is possible to use this material in any length. This material commonly comes in widths between 60” to 110”.

Bridal Illusion

Bridal Illusion is the most common fabric used on veils, is 100% made of nylon, is translucent and can be used in any length and with many layers as desired. Also, it has a soft texture but is important to clear out that it depends on the quality of the material. This material commonly comes in 108” at the widest

Swiss Dot

Swiss Dot is made from bridal illusion and it has small dots scattered on the fabric, which gives it a nice and elegant touch to the fabric, is a translucent fabric that can also be made in any length and with many layers as required. This material only comes in 60” width.

English Net

English Net, this veil material is made from polyester nylon, it’s soft and delicate to the sight and touch, kind of like chiffon but what makes it different is that it is translucent. As it is a bit heavy, is better made as a single layer veil. This material only comes in 45” width.

French Net

French Net is a netting fabric with very large holes. French net is used for birdcage veils and is stiff so its very easy to put it in a desirable shape. Mostly used for vintage-inspired wedding dresses it is a bold choice.

These are the seven different types of materials used in wedding veils. The purchase of any of them depends on the vision and inspiration the designer have for their collection. This list was created to help understand the textures and components of standard fabrics in order to choose the right veils for the design of a bridal collection.

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