Textile Industry News: 25-29 March


  • MILANO UNICA SHANGHAI – Considering the first 11 months of 2018, China and Hong Kong are confirmed as the first outlet market for Italian textiles. The total export of over 365 million euros (+ 3.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2017, but with a better performance than exports to Hong Kong) allowed a substantial break-even of the sector trade balance between Italy and China. Textile exports to China make up for + 2.9% of total exports to non-EU countries, compared with a -3.5% drop recorded by intra-EU exports, where Germany, albeit decreasing, it is confirmed as the second outlet market, with a value of around 315 million euros. – Valsesia Notizie 


  • POLAND EXPANSION AS A PLAYER IN TEXTILES – The Polish fashion exports have soared by 21% in three years. In 2018, the country’s sales to the European Union amounted to 11.39 billion euros. The transformation process of the textile industry in Poland began in 2010, with 260 million zlotys (60.4 million euros) allocated to the modernization of the production of yarns and fabrics and another 170 million (39.5 million euros) to the development of the clothing manufacture. –MDS 


  • TEXTILE DESIGNERS ARE PIVOTING TO SATISFY THE MODERN BRIDE – Designers are pivoting to Satisfy the Modern Bride: Weddings today look very different than they did even 1o years ago. And that’s because modern brides aren’t as willing to splash out on over-the-top dresses as they once were. These days, less is more—but that doesn’t mean brides willing to settle for boring cookie-cutter designs. For textile suppliers, this means more small batches, an eclectic blend of fabric designs, and fewer orders for mid-range products. – Sourcing Journal 


  • THE ACHILLES HEEL OF FASHION: OVERSTOCK – The biggest issue of the fashion industry is not how we all sell it. The problem is what we don´t sell. Our industry has mass-produced ourselves into being one of the worlds biggest environmental damaging industries while depleting resources, devastating and polluting lands, oceans and whole countries. If Millenials are hungry for newness but demand sustainability the innovation must come from production to solve the core issue, and for us the solution is clear. We must go back to On Demand production. – Thrive Global 


  • SPRING 2020 LEATHER TRENDS LINEAPELLE 96 – Linea Pelle 96 presented the stylistic themes for the 2020 Spring Summer season, under the theme of Co-Natural. In light of an eye-catching interpretation of a future based on the creative interpenetration between human and technological factors, emphasizing how fashion increasingly thrives on unprecedented, unpredictable and innovative influences. – BSAMPLY


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