Textile Industry News: 11-15 March


  • THE FASHION COLLECTION EXPANSION – As we continue trudging forward in the digital age, the current consumerist market has undoubtedly become over-saturated with options. With the expansion of e-commerce platforms and the influx of fashion influencers filling our social feeds, consumers are overwhelmed with the choices they now have at their fingertips. Luxury fashion brands have kept up with the zeitgeist, vastly expanding the number of looks they showcase each season to meet the exceeding demand of their potential customers. However, as designers begin churning out collections that eclipse the size of previous seasons, the quality versus quantity dichotomy is inevitably called into question. – Paper Magazine 


  • CUSTOMIZATION IN FASHION – More fashion brands are introducing product customization options that make each purchase feel tailor-made. With major brands like Nike, Coach and Burberry already on board with the trend, smaller fashion retailers and Direct-To-Consumer brands are following suit. These personalization efforts capitalize on the growing demand for made-for-me products. Research from the Deloitte Consumer Review showed more than 50 percent of consumers are interested in purchasing highly customized products. –  Glossy


  • ORGANIC COTTON NOW CAN BE TRACED THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY -Consumer demand is driving fashion outlets to use more organic cotton, pushing the commodity to a global market of over $15 billion. Despite double-digit growth in production year over year, companies struggle to meet that demand, and the fragmented nature of the supply chain makes it difficult for manufacturers to know if the cotton they’re buying is actually organic—or just a knockoff. An agricultural blockchain startu, is partnering with fashion giants, nonprofits and other tech companies for a pilot test to see if blockchain can be utilized to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the organic cotton supply chain. – Forbes


  • SUSTAINABILITY AND THE STATE OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY IN 2019 – Gen Z is coming of age in the following years, and customer values are changing. Through the power of social media, trends come and go like a strike of lightning, and the desire for variety has customers cycling through their clothes after only a few wears. Speed to market and responsiveness to customer desires must be improved in order to compete successfully. However, it is imperative that faster production does not equate to unsustainable practices. Increasing globalization has fueled a new generation of activists, and consumers are concerned more than ever with supporting brands that hold their same values, while turning away from those who don’t, with sustainability and ethics being two of the hottest topics. – BSAMPLY


  • 6 FASHION MATERIALS THAT COULD HELP SAVE THE PLANET-  Apart from consuming less, recycling and repairing, can we find clothes and textiles which are more sustainable? Here are six materials or innovations which could help in the drive for a more sustainable way of life. 1- Pineapple LeatherPlant or fruit “leathers”, made from waste materials, are starting to gain traction. 2-Wool: is a sustainable fabric renewable, durable and biodegradable. 3- Squids’ in: The protein also has self-healing properties. It could be used to create garments which are recyclable, biodegradable and last longer. 4- Better Cotton: There are more sustainable ways of producing cotton, which take into account the wider environment and habitats of the rest of nature. The Better Cotton Initiative supports farmers across the world to care for water, soil health and natural habitats with certain specifications. 5- Linen: When grown in geographically suitable areas, such as Europe, there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers and it requires much less water than cotton and is good for soil health. 6- Lyocell: The raw material is cellulose from wood pulp. The fibers are biodegradable and compostable and the production process has a low environmental footprint. – BBC Earth





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