Leather Trends for Spring Summer 2020

Leather 2020 Co-Natural

Linea Pelle 96  presented the stylistic themes for the 2020 Spring Summer season, under the theme of Co-Natural. In light of an eye-catching interpretation of a future based on the creative interpenetration between human and technological factors, emphasizing how fashion increasingly thrives on unprecedented, unpredictable and innovative influences.

CO-NATURAL draws a distinction between human and machine that is increasingly less visible. Everything merges into a symbiotic relationship that no longer opposes man and technology. From this awareness of being at the centre of a technological, but above all mental, revolution comes a new design philosophy applicable also to the substance and therefore to aesthetics. 

Thinking Co-Natural, hence, means dealing with important issues such as sustainability of work and ethics of traceability, it means becoming aware of the complexity and mobility of the contemporary world.

On the economic front, the event will seek to shed light on “a complex and opaque market moment, which requires particular attention in finding innovative product and service solutions”, as reported by the trade fair organisation that is part of the Italian tanning industry”.

©LINEAPELLE February 2019 

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