Water Repellent

A term applied to fabrics that have been treated with a finish which causes them to shed water but are still air-permeable.

Water Resistant

A degree by which water is able to penetrate a fabric. Not to be confused with water-repellent. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.


A corded fabric, usually made from silk or one of the manufactured fibers, which has a distinctive water-marked wavy pattern on the face of the fabric.


Materials that are impermeable by water.


A term applied to fabrics whose pores have been closed, and therefore, will not allow water or air to pass through them.


The process of forming a fabric on a loom by interlacing the warp (lengthwise yarns) and the filling (crosswise yarns) perpendicular to each other. Filling is fed into the goods from cones, filling bobbins or quills, which carry the filling yarns through the shed of the loom. Filling may also be inserted into the material without the use of a…


In woven fabric, the filling yarns that run perpendicular to the warp yarns.

Weft Knit

A type of knitted fabric in which yarns are formed into stitches in widthwise manner. Common examples of weft knits are circular knits and flat knits.

Weight of Cloth

This term describes the variety of ways that fabric is sold: Ounces per linear yard, Yards per pound, and Ounces per square yard.

Welded Shell

The outer layer of a bonded wor welded garment, such as a jacket.

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