Seam (book/booking)

The raw edge hem done on a blindstitch machine, usually sewn in the side and back seam outlets, and on the bottom turn-up.

Seam (french)

A closure between two pieces of material, made by stitching, turning, and restitching, so as to conceal all raw edges.

Seam (open gorge)

Both the collar and the facing are turned under, basted, and then the seam is felled (edges folded together) from the outside.

Seam (raised)

A seam resulting after two pieces of fabric have been joined; one piece is folded back, and the second row of stitching is placed adjacent to the folded edge.

Seamless Knitting

A unique process of circular knitting, done on either Santoni or Sangiacomo knitting machines. This circular knitting process essentially produces finished garments with no side seams, which require only minimal sewing to complete the garment. Seamless knitting can transform yarn into complete garments in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional garment manufacturing, by minimizing the traditional labor-intensive…

Seamless Technology

This term can refer to either “seamless knitting” (See Seamless Knitting), or “welding/bonding technology”, which uses a bonding agent to attach two pieces of fabric together, and eliminates the need for sewing threads. (See welding.)


The circumference of a pant measured perpendicular to the fly opening and from the base of the fly.


A woven fabric which incorporates modification of tension control. In the production of seersucker, some of the warp yarns are held under controlled tension at all times during the weaving, while other warp yarns are in a relaxed state and tend to pucker when the filling yarns are placed. The result produces a puckered stripe effect in the fabric. Seersucker…

Self Goods

When the same material is used as a pocket lining, or in a waistband, collar and fly construction. Also called shell.

Selvage or Selvedge

The thin compressed edge of a woven fabric which runs parallel to the warp yarns and prevents raveling. It is usually woven, utilizing tougher yarns and a tighter construction than the rest of the fabric.

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