Fur and hair obtained from any of three related species: Russian fitch), Kolinsky mink, Chinese mink (Mustela lutreola), Chinese weasel. Sable pelts are durable. The brown-black pelts have short, fine fur with silky guard hairs. Sable furs from Siberia have been traded since at least the 11th century. Sable was an expensive fur that was worn by nobles and the…


See “twill”.


Any heavy, plain-weave canvas fabric, usually made of cotton, linen, polyester, jute, nylon, etc. that is used for sails and apparel (i.e. bottomweight sportswear).


Fabric that has undergone Sanforization process. Sanforization is the process of pre-shrinking a fabric so to a limit the residual or further shrinkage of the fabric to less than 1%. This sanforization process involves the stretching of the fabric before it is washed, which helps to prevent shrinkage. Fabric that doesn’t undergo sanforization and is considered raw is likely to shrink…


Is a new fabric woven by twisted Washi yarns that are blended with KUMAZASA. Blending the fiber of Kumazasa with Washi gives it natural antibacterial and deodorant power. WASHI is lint-free, light, highly absorbent and provides good UV protection. Washing durability is on par with cotton and the antibacterial properties can be maintained.


A pattern on each side. The double face is usually a double cloth but some reversible bonded fabrics


A traditional fabric utilizing a satin weave construction to achieve a lustrous fabric surface. The basic type of weave is up of eight weft threads that are tied down with one floating weft thread. It is light to medium-weight with a glossy face and a dull back. Satin is a traditional fabric for evening and wedding garments. Typical examples of…


May be referred to as double.

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