An ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.


Rayon most popular, also mohair and silk and synthetics. The ground or backing yarns are usually made of cotton. Sometimes jute or hemp is combined with the cotton. Made usually with uncut loops in all-over pattern. Shearing the loops at different lengths sometimes patterns it. Some made with both cut and uncut loops in the form of a pattern. Upholstery,…


Chinese closure made from decorative braiding or cording. The closure attaches to a small ball of the same fabric.

Front (stitched down)

A front the has a double-turned hem that is stitched down the full length of the front. The term may also refer to the shell (outside) front of self-goods.


Cotton or cotton with linen or flax. It was used for undergarments and linings.

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