The soft, fluffy fiber or underfeathers of ducks, geese, or other water fowl. Used primarily for insulation in outerwear garments.


Woolen fabric thick and resistant, with multiple functions. The fabric is subjected to a felting process, some specific uses are essential, such as the packaging of clothing items that can be worn in different climatic situations.


A strong, medium to heavy weight 2×1 or 3×1 warp-faced twill usually of cotton. It is similar to denim but the drill is usually piece dyed.


This form of satin has a wonderful lustre and a smooth feel. Its thread count is very high.


A tightly woven, heavy, plain-weave, bottom-weight fabric with a hard, durable finish. The fabric is usually made of cotton, and is widely used in men’s and women’s slacks, and-children’s play clothes.


The ability of a fabric to resist wear through continual use.

Durable Press

A treatment applied to the fabric in the finishing process in which it maintains a smooth attractive appearance that resists wrinkling and retains creases or pleats during laundering.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR)

Fabrics that retain their durability and their ability to repel water after wearing, washing, and cleaning. Typically involves a fabric with a coating.


Medium to heavy weight twill fabric with a soft, short nap covering the weave. It has a sued, velvety hand. Originally made of wool or wool blends but may be of cotton or other fibres. Used in suits, coats, and millinery.

Dye (Piece)

Dyeing of the fabric into solid colors after weaving or knitting.

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