The underside of the cloth as woven in the loom.

Back Frame

The side of a fly frame on which the bobbins, from which roving is drawn into the machine, are held.

Back Length

The dimension on a garment taken from the center collar attaching seam to the bottom of the garment, or in the case of a coverall, to the top of the waistband.

Back Waist Length

The dimension on a body, taken from the top of the back bone at the base of the neck to the waistline.


An after-treatment to improve the wet fastness of dyed or printed silk: or nylon, using either natural or synthetic tanning agents.


Doesn’t necessarily mean that it kills bacteria. A stat means that it may simply be slowing growth or holding the death to growth rates of bacteria (same for fungal stats) more or less in equilibrium. Inhibits bacteria growth.


Flat metallic wire, otten silver gilt, used in brocading and embroidery.

Baghal Bandi

A kind of tunic or jacket, worn shorts and fastened under the armpits.

Balagny Cloak

First half of 17th century, cloak or cape with wide collar, in France named after a military hero.

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